Why Nadi Astrology?

The Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) is a branch of Astrology that offers explanations and advice regarding the influence of the planets or the results the planets brings about to souls who seek the aid of this branch of Astrology. Every soul has two main nasal passages or nostrils. The breath through the nostrils is termed as Yidakalai and Pinkalai respectively. (Yidakalai-Moon kalai; Pingalai-Sun kalai).


The breath through the left nostril is termed as 'Yidakalai' and the breath through the right nostril is termed as 'Pinkalai'. In addition to the two ways by which breath passes, there is a third way termed as 'Sulimunaikalai'. This refers to the art of breathing by which breath through the right and left nostrils pass simultaneously. Sages, Siththa's (persons who have acquired the eight great mystic powers) Sages, Yogi's (Devotees of Yoga) survive by practicing this art (Sulimunaikalai) acquire special power through spiritual knowledge about the past, present and future periods.

With sulimunai Nadi as the basis, its seven other sub-divisions (sub-divisions of sulimunai) can be practiced separately at different percentage levels. The sulimunaikalai and its sub-divisions enable Sages to understand through their spiritual power, the results the good and bad deeds yield (of the past lives) to the souls who come in search of them (Sages). Then, with the aid of the man kalai (Sulimunai) and other sub-divisions of the same kalai, which go a long way in making the Sages, attain spiritual knowledge and enable them to offer splendid explanations to the world. The results are accurately explained to the minutest detail to souls who seek the help of the Sages. The sabtha (Seven) Nadi kalai (sub-divisions of Sulimunaikalai) are Aththi, Alambudai, Gaandhari, Sangini, Singuvai, Purudan and Guru. With the secret images of the sabtha Nadigal as the basis of support, the spiritual knowledge of the good and bad deeds (of the past births) are compared with the minute secrets of the nine planets and finally clear explanations are offered to the world. Therefore this kind of astrological advice is known as Nadi Astrology.

The Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) Astrologer whose soul bears only the good deeds of his past births (has followed the path of righteousness) and possesses a charitable and compassionate disposition will be capable of offering complete genuine predictions. Since such Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) Astrologers are very few in number in the present world, there are difficulties in producing genuine and complete predictions through Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam). The original treatise of Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) has been composed in the form of poetry. Tamil is a language with the presence of life in it. Therefore, there are vowels, (vowels in the Tamil language) called Uyir eluththukkal-letters representing life, Mey eluththukkal-letters representing body and Uyirmey eluththukkal-letters representing life and body. Apart from these letters there is a letter known as Aayutha eluththu, which makes the other, letters function. Apart from these four classes of letters there is a fifth class, which comprises of masculine and feminine letters. The fifth class is a Divine secret class known only to the celestials (Deva's).

When a man and a woman unite equally and completely, a live offspring is being created .In the same manner, the masculine and feminine letters are united in their proper proportions in the form of a poem, the predictions are arranged in an orderly way and the predictions are finally presented in the form of poetry. The predictions are being linked together by a secret rope called 'Arampaadal' and then published. Thus, Nadi jothidam (Naadi josiyam) occupies a supreme place among other astrology sciences, that exist in the world and is therefore said to be the mother of all other sciences.

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